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A Teen's Guide to Walt Disney World

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Parents: Don’t drag your teenager on “Someone Else’s” vacation – show them that Walt Disney World is for teenagers, too!

Walt Disney World is huge – over 43 square miles – and planning a trip can be overwhelming. Young children will be easily entertained here, but what about the more discriminating, older kids in your family?

Disney World can deliver a great vacation for them, too, but the Disney World for teenagers is sometimes off the beaten path.

Will you know where to find the activities that will interest the family teenager?

unhappy teenAfter all, you run the risk of dragging an unhappy teenager from place to place if you don’t take their interests into account during your planning! There are features and attractions all over Walt Disney World resort that are perfect for teens. Learn where to find them so that you can be sure to build in some fun for every member of your  family!


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Walt Disney World for teenagers: Go ahead and roam if you want to!

Is Walt Disney World for teenagers?

When you think about a great vacation destination for teens and their families, Disney World may not immediately come to mind. But the fact is, Disney World is great for teenagers, because they can safely assert a little bit of independence!

happy teen girl, happy motherAfter all, while family vacations are great opportunities to re-connect and spend some time together, the experience will be more enjoyable for everyone if the family teen can get a little alone time!

While Mom and Dad may want to allow you the freedom to explore on your own, they might not feel comfortable just cutting you loose in a strange city. Walt Disney World, spread over 43 square miles, offers an area twice as large as Manhattan or about the size of Boston to explore, and has a transportation system that easily connects the resorts to a wide variety of entertainment options – both inside the parks and out. This safe, reliable collection of boats, buses and monorails can allow you the ability to see the things you want to see without having to call for a ride.

How will Mom and Dad decide if you are ready to go out on your own? We have some guidelines here. If your parents decide that you’re ready, make sure that you are prepared. Here are some things you’ll need:

  1. Basic rules to follow for safety. You can see our suggestions here.
  2. A cell phone and a charger. Take both with you, and be prepared to respond to all texts and calls!
  3. Scheduled times to check in, and established meeting times and places.
  4. An understanding of how the transportation system works. Check out this great guide on Mouseplanet.


Walt Disney World Bus provides easy transportation for teensWalt Disney World Friendship Boat provides reliable transportation for teensWalt Disney World Monorail provides easy transportation for teensDisney transportation can provide a way for you to get around on your own, while remaining inside the “Disney Bubble.” Imagine – you can sleep in or lounge by the pool instead of attending that character breakfast, or catch one more ride on Tower of Terror while the rest of the group takes on Fantasyland. For even more ideas, you can visit “A Teen’s Guide to Walt Disney World” to discover teen-friendly activities and attractions all over Walt Disney World, every one of them accessible by Disney transportation.

As any teen (or parent of a teen) can tell you, forcing a teenager to do something they don’t want to do is sure to bring down the mood of the rest of your group. Allowing older teens a bit of freedom can be the best cure!

And here’s a note for younger teens and their parents: If you’re not ready to take Disney transportation by yourself, we have the perfect tool to allow you a bit of independence while remaining inside the same park. Our exclusive “Attraction Substitution” tables will allow you split up for individual attractions, suggesting nearby alternate attractions that take a similar amount of time, and making it easy to meet up again afterwards.

This flexibility will help take your vacation from good to great, and whether they are younger or older, they’ll enjoy exploring the less publicized side of Disney WorldDisney World for teenagers!


10 teen-friendly things to do at Downtown Disney – for 10 bucks or less!

Found a little free time on your Disney World vacation and have a little bit of cash to spend? Believe it or not, a lot of teen-friendly fun can be had at Downtown Disney for less than ten dollars!

We’ve come up with a list of ten things at Downtown Disney World for teenagers to get you started.

Downtown Disney’s West Side:Candy Cauldron candy shop, Downtown Disney

  1. Sit on the Front Porch at House of Blues and for the price of a soda (or two), you can enjoy the live music.
  2. Get a pretzel and a soda from Wetzel’s Pretzels and enjoy the live music in the West End Plaza.
  3. See a movie at the AMC Theater. If you hit an early show with discounted tickets, you may even be able to get a soda, too.
  4. If you’re feeling like something sweet, Disney’s Candy Cauldron is a great place to stop in for a snack on the West Side. Snow White’s Wicked Queen is the inspiration for this shop, and its theming is detailed down to prices that are marked in “Stones and Pebbles” instead of dollars and cents. You’ll have a lot of choices in your price range. The shop is famous for it’s “Build Your Own Apple” confections, with the basic caramel apple starting around $5.

Downtown Disney’s Marketplace:

5.  As you might guess, there is a whole lot of shopping offered at the Marketplace.  Even if you only have ten dollars to spend,  you’ll be able to find a souvenir here. Some shops to explore that will have choices that won’t bust your budget are:

  • Basin – Bath salts, and bath bombs and fancy soaps, oh my! You can slow down and enjoy the scents while you shop.
  • Disney’s Days of Christmas – Get a souvenir Christmas ornament.
  • Fun Finds – Everything in this store is $25 or less, but the store features a large “5 for $20” display wall. Items can be purchased individually for $4, so you can walk away with two new mementos of your trip for less than ten bucks!
  • The Lego Store – You may not be in the market for new Legos, but you should definitely visit The Lego Imagination Center. This huge outdoor play area has thousands of LEGO blocks, and is a fun place to take a break from your shopping. There are also some impressive statues built of Legos that would make great backdrops for interesting vacation photos.

6. If it’s time for a meal, you should head to Earl of Sandwich. A complete meal – sandwich, side and a drink – will be within your budget here!
7. An ice cream sundae or milkshake from the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain makes a great snack. If you enter through the chocolate shop side, you’ll get a free chocolate sample, too!
8. Goofy’s Candy Company is home of the “build-your-own” confection. You can dream up your own combination, or choose from a stunning selection of pre-made treats.

Pleasure Island:Irish Band at Raglan Road, Downtown Disney

9. You can order a snack, like irish style chips or onion rings, and a drink at Raglan Road and can enjoy Irish Dancers and Music from a live band.

10. Cookes of Dublin – You can grab a snack, like “Chips” or “Doh-Bars” (French fries or fried candy bars) and a drink. The seating is limited, but you can take your snack with you while you explore. On certain nights, you can enjoy the DJ dance party that’s offered some evenings at the marketplace while you eat.


If evening entertainment at Downtown Disney will be a part of your plan, be sure you know the showtimes! You can check the times guide at to verify show times, or learn about special events during your visit. You can also call 407-WDW-2NITE for same day information.

A Teen’s Guide To Walt Disney World” also has a table of show times around Downtown Disney organized by day of the week. This list of things is just the beginning!

Are you heading to Disney’s Boardwalk entertainment area? Visit our “10 under $10″ recommendations here.

To discover even more activities at Disney World for teenagers, visit “A Teen’s Guide to Walt Disney World.”

 This article was published on “DisMarks” Disney Blog Carnival #34, on November 15th, 2011.

Take on a Disney Challenge

By Shelby

Going to Walt Disney World multiple times a year, several years in a row, you might worry that Disney could seem like a repeat. A way I’ve found to get past this is to find new things to do and give myself some challenges.Hidden Mickeys book

  1. Try to find a paint brush on Tom Sawyer’s Island. (I have done this several times to never find one but I am going to keep trying.)
  2. Do attractions you have never done before (like Country Bear Jamboree or Carousel of Progress.) You will find these attractions are like a hidden gem.
  3. Buy a Hidden Mickey’s book and make it your goal to find all of the hidden Mickeys.
  4. The Last trip I went on I printed out a list of secrets. On Dis boards they have lists of secrets (i.e. special touches the imagineers put around the parks.) I printed these out and tried to find as many as I could.

Here are some challenges I have created for myself on past trips to be entertaining and see if I could do it.

  1. Splash Mountain at nightVisit all four parks in one day (I have done this one day before, very exhausting. My parents left me at lunch time to head back to resort and met me in Magic Kingdom that night. I managed to ride a few rides in each place.)
  2. Try riding a ride a set number of times in your trip.
  3. Try going to every resort to get a picture of you in the front.
  4. Try buying something from every country in the World Showcase.
  5. Try eating something from every country in the World Showcase.
  6. Try riding Splash Mountain while the fireworks are shooting off.

These are some of the things I have done and I have never been bored at Disney World. I hope this inspires teen travelers to make some challenges of their own!


Walt Disney World is for Teens!

By Ben Montgomery

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is there for teens to do at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida?

Well, let me tell you a not-so-secretive-fact, Disney World is the perfect place for teens. Whether you’re visiting the parks as part of a day trip or staying within the resort, there is so much to see and do.

For thrill seeking teenagers then you’ll love some of the best thrill rides including Splash Mountain, Rock N Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest to name a few. These top attractions for teens are big on theming and will leave your heart pumping. For the more relaxed type (like myself), Walt Disney World has so much on offer from timeless attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean to the the mild but not wild Kali River Rapids.

Outside of those theme parks, you’ve got Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Parks, among the best water parks that Florida has to offer – hop aboard some thrilling water slides or sit back and relax as you slowly wind your way around the winding river, there is something for everyone.

Disney has got some amazing resort hotels that boast a number of facilities from video arcades to tennis courts, sandy beaches and those all important swimming pools.

teenagers smiling and laughing together Chances are that when staying at a Disney resort hotel you’ll bump into some teens your age too so you’ll meet new friends and have the opportunity to meet with them throughout your vacation.

For dining, teens will love the array of dining options, from quick service bites around the resort to buffets and perhaps the fine dining restaurants too, there is something for all tastes and budgets.
Did I forget to mention that around Walt Disney World that there are more recreational activities on offer that include cycling, sports and much more?

So relax, when you’re visiting Walt Disney World, you’ll know that you’re in a safe environment with a number of things to do.

You can follow Ben on Twitter @TravelWithBen, or visit him at his website,


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