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Walt Disney World for Teenagers: using cell phones for better park touring


When you’re traveling to Walt Disney World with teenagers, a little bit of flexibility goes a long way.

It’s totally inevitable – the members of your group are going to have different priorities. By far, the easiest way to get everyone to the attractions that they’ll like the best is to be able to split up on occasion.  But even with a good plan and an established meeting place, the process of meeting up again can burn up a lot of park time – not to mention the grumpiness you’re likely to find in the group that spent longer waiting for the reunion.

woman waiting unhappily with arms crossed

We’ve heard all the arguments in favor of ditching technology so that you can “let go and enjoy your vacation.” While we think this is a nice sentiment, it’s only nice if you plan to stay together ALL THE TIME. In reality, even a trip to the bathroom can cause frustrating delays. (“What? Cosmic Ray’s has more than one entrance?”)

We believe that text messaging is the best thing to happen to Disney World Vacations since, well… Disney World itself. Text messaging gives you the ability to send a runner for fastpasses, and the flexibility to jump into a line with a 5 minute wait. The group can adjust plans on the fly, and avoid the crankiness that comes from knowing you stood in one place waiting while the rest of your group fit in some extra fun without you!

The benefit of touring Walt Disney World with cell-phones for teenagers and their families just can’t be overstated. Mom and Dad are going to be much more comfortable giving their teens a bit more freedom with the lifeline of a cell phone. Teens and their parents can send photos and texts to keep in touch, and easily adjust if there’s a change of plans. Everyone wins!

If you’ll be bringing your cell phones from home, be sure to check with your cell phone provider beforehand so that you understand the details of your plan. Make sure that there will be no extra charges for roaming or texting while you are away from home, and change your plan temporarily if necessary to avoid unwelcome surprises in your next bill.

What if a cell phone isn’t practical or necessary for your teenager in your normal life? This trip doesn’t have to be the “gateway” to a new cell phone contract for every member of your family. A great option is to purchase a “pay-as-you-go” cell phone, and load it with minutes (and text messaging capability) especially for your trip. Many cell phone providers now offer such an option, and retailers like Wal-Mart and Target also have options that might work for your family. If you plan to get the phone before you leave for your trip, just make sure there won’t be any barriers to using the phone in Florida!

happy girl looking at cell phoneHowever you go about providing one, a cell phone for any member of your group that might want to venture off alone is a ticket to better touring. With a teenager that can explore on their own, and a parent that can call them back again, you’ll find great balance.

With the help of a little technology, your family will discover that Disney World is great for teenagers, too!


Parents: Don’t drag your teenager on “Someone Else’s” vacation – show them that Walt Disney World is for teenagers, too!

Walt Disney World is huge – over 43 square miles – and planning a trip can be overwhelming. Young children will be easily entertained here, but what about the more discriminating, older kids in your family?

Disney World can deliver a great vacation for them, too, but the Disney World for teenagers is sometimes off the beaten path.

Will you know where to find the activities that will interest the family teenager?

unhappy teenAfter all, you run the risk of dragging an unhappy teenager from place to place if you don’t take their interests into account during your planning! There are features and attractions all over Walt Disney World resort that are perfect for teens. Learn where to find them so that you can be sure to build in some fun for every member of your  family!


“A Teen‘s Guide to Walt Disney World” is dedicated to uncovering the teen-friendly side of Walt Disney World‘s parks, entertainment areas and resorts, and helping families balance the needs of everyone in their traveling party! For less than 50 cents per month, you can have access to our extensive collection of teen-friendly features and attractions, as well as our exclusive system for balancing the needs of the teens and the rest of your group.   Subscribe to “A Teen’s Guide to Walt Disney World” today – just $6 for a twelve month membership!


Not a do-it-yourself-er?

You can leave the vacation planning to the pros! Whimsical World Travel has prepared a Concept™ Itinerary exclusively for Disney For Teens readers. This custom itinerary is filled with amazing special activities and designed with the needs of teen travelers and their families in mind.

With the Disney For Teens Concept™ itinerary, you can experience the best of the teen-pleasing attractions and experiences that Walt Disney World has to offer. This itinerary can also be easily modified to fit a more modest budget.

happy teenWith “A Teen’s Guide to Walt Disney World,” there’s no reason to subject your teenager (or your family) to a vacation experience that is less than great! We offer two ways to be sure that your  Disney vacation will be enjoyable for the whole family.

JoinDisney For Teens” today, or contact Whimsical World Travel for a truly phenomenal Disney For Teenagers Concept™ vacation!



Walt Disney World for teenagers: Go ahead and roam if you want to!

Is Walt Disney World for teenagers?

When you think about a great vacation destination for teens and their families, Disney World may not immediately come to mind. But the fact is, Disney World is great for teenagers, because they can safely assert a little bit of independence!

happy teen girl, happy motherAfter all, while family vacations are great opportunities to re-connect and spend some time together, the experience will be more enjoyable for everyone if the family teen can get a little alone time!

While Mom and Dad may want to allow you the freedom to explore on your own, they might not feel comfortable just cutting you loose in a strange city. Walt Disney World, spread over 43 square miles, offers an area twice as large as Manhattan or about the size of Boston to explore, and has a transportation system that easily connects the resorts to a wide variety of entertainment options – both inside the parks and out. This safe, reliable collection of boats, buses and monorails can allow you the ability to see the things you want to see without having to call for a ride.

How will Mom and Dad decide if you are ready to go out on your own? We have some guidelines here. If your parents decide that you’re ready, make sure that you are prepared. Here are some things you’ll need:

  1. Basic rules to follow for safety. You can see our suggestions here.
  2. A cell phone and a charger. Take both with you, and be prepared to respond to all texts and calls!
  3. Scheduled times to check in, and established meeting times and places.
  4. An understanding of how the transportation system works. Check out this great guide on Mouseplanet.


Walt Disney World Bus provides easy transportation for teensWalt Disney World Friendship Boat provides reliable transportation for teensWalt Disney World Monorail provides easy transportation for teensDisney transportation can provide a way for you to get around on your own, while remaining inside the “Disney Bubble.” Imagine – you can sleep in or lounge by the pool instead of attending that character breakfast, or catch one more ride on Tower of Terror while the rest of the group takes on Fantasyland. For even more ideas, you can visit “A Teen’s Guide to Walt Disney World” to discover teen-friendly activities and attractions all over Walt Disney World, every one of them accessible by Disney transportation.

As any teen (or parent of a teen) can tell you, forcing a teenager to do something they don’t want to do is sure to bring down the mood of the rest of your group. Allowing older teens a bit of freedom can be the best cure!

And here’s a note for younger teens and their parents: If you’re not ready to take Disney transportation by yourself, we have the perfect tool to allow you a bit of independence while remaining inside the same park. Our exclusive “Attraction Substitution” tables will allow you split up for individual attractions, suggesting nearby alternate attractions that take a similar amount of time, and making it easy to meet up again afterwards.

This flexibility will help take your vacation from good to great, and whether they are younger or older, they’ll enjoy exploring the less publicized side of Disney WorldDisney World for teenagers!


Calling all shutterbugs!

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